XT60 / 4mm Bullet Safe Parallel Charging Board for JST-XH & XT60 (2s - 6s)

King Quad

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There are a lot of parallel charging boards on the market, but how safe are they? 
This board is as safe they get and can charge 2-6s batteries!!  
It has the option to power it from an XT60 or 4mm bullet connector. Protected with a 40Amp fuse. Equally, each main battery lead that connects to the board is protected with its own 40amp fuse and the JST-XH  ports (balance lead connectors) are also protected with separate resettable polyfuses
  • Board Input Connector Female Amass XT60U 
  • Board Output Male Amass XT60U  (x4)
  • Balance Input Connectors 6S JST-XH
  • Balance Output Connector 2s - 6S Male JST-XH
  • Wire Type 12 AWG main lead; 20 AWG balance lead
  • Wire Length 6' extends to 11" with bullet connectors 
  • Dimensions 12x77x17.5mm


  • x1 Parallel Charging Board
  • x1 Male XT60 pigtail to 4mm Bullet connectors 4"
  • x1 6S JST Balance Lead