RUSHFPV PFB LITE spike absorber Power Filter Board with 470μf 35v Ruby Capacitor

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The TVS diodes on this RushFPV Spike absorber have been selected to suppress dangerous voltage spikes to protect the connected components.  These spikes can occur from plugging in a 6s lipo to hard braking. 

Peak spike suppressors are designed for use with electrolytic capacitors. The capacitor can be mounted directly to the spike absorber. It prevents the voltage from rising from a certain voltage by absorbing the excess voltage.

The capacitor suppresses all fluctuations in voltage by charging when the voltage rises and discharging when the voltage drops again.

In some cases, voltage spikes are too fast for capacitors. These peaks are in the range of nanoseconds and microseconds, and they can easily reach twice or three times the normal battery voltage.

The spike suppressor absorbs these voltage peaks and therefore cannot even reach harmful voltages.


  • 1x RushFPV PFB Spike Absorber Board
  • 1x 35V 470UF Rubycon Capacitor

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