RunCam/Foxeer/Caddx 19mm Micro To 28mm Full Size Camera Mount Adapters


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The Runcam 19mm micro to 28mm full size camera mount adapter allows you to use a micro cam on your mini quad and regular racing drones.

New cameras are now coming out in micro size and don't fit standard 5" frames. This ABS mount adapter is the solutions. It converts from 19mm to 28mm so that you can use a micro cam on both mini quads and regular racing drones. The mount features brass screw inserts making it more durable than a 3D printed mount.

Compatible with Micro Cameras (19mm) including:

  • RunCam Racer
  • RunCam Micro Sparrow
  • RunCam Micro Eagle
  • RunCam Micro Swift
  • RunCam Split Min    34
  • Foxeer and Caddx

Package Includes:

  • 2 x  19mm micro to 28mm full size camera mount 

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