NameLessRC Tiny GPS Module 5V 9600dps UBLOX

Nameless RC

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Find your way with this GPS module from NamlessRC its super tiny, so perfect for mounting to crafts with limited space. 



-Brand Name: NameLessRC

-Item Name: Tiny GPS Module

-Input Power: 5V

-Antenna: Ceramic Antenna

-Receiving Format: GPS,GLONASS,BDS

-Support Rate: 9600dps

-Output Protocol: UBLOX

-Working Temperature: -40℃-+85℃

-Storage Temperature: -40℃-+105℃

-Size: 12mm x 16mm x 6mm

-Weight: 3g (2.5 without wires)



-Your electromagnetic environment and mounting to close to other components will affect the speed of connecting to satellites.