FETtec Spike Absorber


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This FETtec Spike Absorber helps protect the components on your quad from any voltage spike that may occur. This product is designed to be used with an electronic capacitor which can be mounted on to this absorber. 

It will take care that the voltage don't rises above a specific level. Which means it absorbs energy once the specific voltage level is reached.

On electrical power systems using brushless motors, ESCs and LiPo batteries, high current and voltage peaks are common. The most known way to keep them in areas where they don't damage consumers that are connected to the battery is the usage of capacitors, which is in fact a good way. Capacitors dampen any movement of the voltage. They store energy if the voltage rises and supply it when the voltage falls. But in some cases, there are very short but high voltage spikes where capacitors are too slow. These spikes are mostly very short and appear in the area of some nano – microseconds, but can be easily double or triple of the normal battery voltage. Most consumers survive a lot of them even if they are over their normal voltage rating. But if the spike is too strong, or it happens over a longer period, voltage regulators, capacitors and FETs can be damaged and fail. The Spike Absorber will absorb the energy of these spikes before they get in areas where consumers might get damage.


  • Well-selected TVS diodes to absorb dangerous voltage spikes to protect connected components
  • Designed for use with an electrolytic capacitor, which can be mounted directly on it
  • Maximum operating Voltage 25,2V (6S LiPo)
  • 1.62g weight


  • FETtec Spike Absorber

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