M3 Nylon Standoff & Hex Screw Nut Standoff Set In White (300 Pieces)

King Quad

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These are an essential component when it comes to building an FPV drone. Creating a nice neat stack of your electronics, with plenty for air flow is vital.

This 300 piece M3 nylon standoff set has enough parts for new builds and those essential repairs.


  • Rust resistant, practical, durable and convenient for using
  • Packed in a plastic box, good for storage and difficult to damage
  • Nylon is an insulative material, non-magnetic, has thermal insulation and is corrosion resistant
  • Can be used for electric components, fit for the industries of communication, electroplating, lab device, office equipment and electronics

Package Includes:

  • M3 Female-Female Standoff 6mm x20
  • M3 Female-Female Standoff 8mm x20
  • M3 Female-Female Standoff 10mm x20
  • M3 Female-Female Standoff 12mm x10
  • M3 Male-Female Standoff 6mm+6mm x20
  • M3 Male-Female Standoff 8mm+6mm x20
  • M3 Male-Female Standoff 10mm+6mm x20
  • M3 Male-Female Standoff 12mm+6mm x10
  • M3 Screw 6mm x80
  • M3 Nut x80


Total Quantity: 300 Pieces

These are also available in black!!