MG Chemicals 422C Silicone Conformal Coating 55ml (Drone Waterproofing)

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Just that little morning dew, landing in damp grass or that scenic shot flying in fog can be detrimental to your drone's electronics.

Waterproof your drone's electronics!!!

Replaces 422B

The 422C Silicone Modified Conformal Coating is a clear and flexible coating that is ideal for protecting electronic circuits in high temperature environments or applications requiring extreme flexibility. 

It protects against moisture, dirt, dust, and other particulates, and thus avoids corrosion of electronic components. It also insulates against high-voltage arcing, shorts, and static discharges. 

As well, it protects against thermal shock and puts very little stress on components during temperature cycling. Compared to other typical silicones, the 422B is a one-part, acrylated silicone which makes it is easier to apply, remove, and rework. Also, it has a faster cure time and a much longer shelf life. 

Applied by brushing. The 422C protective coating is UL certified under the Coatings for Use on Recognized Printed Wiring Boards - Component category. It performs as a 94V-0 non-flammable coating. It is intended as an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for protection against the typical risks PCB’s face in high-temperature environments. It is not intended for high voltage applications (>1500 V) with extended exposures (days) to very high humidity (>95%) and temperature environments (>65 °C [149 °F]). Customers with such applications should inquire about our line of silicone conformal coatings from Momentive Performance Materials. 

The 422C improves reliability and lengthens the life of electronic circuitry. Its primary applications are in the automobile, marine, aerospace, aviation, communication, instrumentation, and industrial control equipment industries that involve high temperatures.


  • Maximum constant service temperature of 200 °C
  • Fast cure- tack free in 7 min at room temperature, drying time in 20 min at 65 °C
  • Protects electronics from moisture, corrosion, fungus, thermal shock, and static discharges
  • Easy to inspect: fluoresces blue at 437 nm ± 65 nm under UVA light
  • Extended shelf life avoids worries about premature hardening and wastage
  • Easy rework and repairs: Solder through the coat
  • Printed Circuit boards
  • LED Boards
  • Electric generators, motors and transformers
  • Relays
  • High temperature environments


  • Printed Circuit boards
  • LED Boards
  • Electric generators, motors and transformers
  • Relays
  • High temperature environment
We also stock Electrolube conformal coating which is a smaller 15ml bottle.

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