Matek 2812 Arm Light 10LED x4 & 2812 Controller (Racewire)


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Matek have designed the 2812 Arm Light, mount these on the arms of your quad to add some bling and stand out from the other FPV pilots! The 2812 also functions as a motor racewire. 

  • The controller is compatible with 30x30mm stacks making it easy to mount.
  • Integrated MCU reduced the load on your flight controller
  • Supports channel forwarding to dynamically change LED behavior based on stick inputs, or switched on your R/C controller.
  • Integrated push button makes it easy to change colour/functions without the need to use any software.


  • 40x10mm 2oz/4layer PCB with 10x addressable LED & Motor wire built in
  • 8x SideView LED and 2x Topview LED
  • Compatible with 2812-Ctrl, 2812ARM-4, 2812ARM-6

LED Specifications (40x LED)

  • Input: 5V
  • White: 9W, 1.8A
  • Green/Red/Blue: 3W, 0.6A
  • Yellow/Cyan/Magenta: 6W, 1.2A


  • 4x LED strips  2812ARM-10
  • 4x Silicon cables  SH1.0-3P-8cm
  • 1 x Matek 2812 LED Controller


  • Double check DIN/DO orientation before soldering and wiring
  • Isolation between the carbon frame and the PCB is required

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