ImpulseRC Micro Apex 3" Frame Kit


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The ImpulseRC Micro Apex 3" Frame Kit takes everything you know and love from the widely popular full-sized Apex and shrinks it down (without compromise) to deliver, by far, the biggest little frame on the market.

The meticulous transformation and extreme attention to detail have created a frame that incorporates years of design experience. Equally comfortable as a sub-250g long-range explorer, or a full-blooded freestyle machine capable of handling the harshest environments.

At the center of mass where the arms meet there is a massive 8mm of carbon fiber, taking the stiffness of a micro-frame to a new dimension so you can enjoy unsurpassed flight characteristics at this prop size.

The Micro Apex incorporates all of the unique innovations pioneered by ImpulseRC and are now widely imitated.

** Frame Only, NO motors, camera, or ESC are included**

Needs a micro-size camera. **   Such as the Caddx Baby Ratel



  • (1x) Micro Apex Arm Key CF 3.5mm
  • (1x) Micro Apex Top Plate CF 1.5mm
  • (1x) Micro Apex Main Lower CF 2mm
  • (1x) Micro Apex Main Upper CF 2mm
  • (2x) Micro Apex Cam Side Plate CF 1.5mm
  • (4x) Micro Apex 3" Arm CF 4mm


  • (1x) Micro Apex Hook LIPO pad - BLACK
  • (1x) Micro Apex LIPO pad - 2mm BLACK
  • (1x) Diamond File - Flat (Mini)
  • (1x) Diamond File - Round (Mini)
  • (1x) Lipo Strap - Small - ImpulseRC
  • (1x) Micro Apex Plastics Kit - (BLACK / RED OPTIONAL)
  • (1x) Micro Apex Arm Covers - BLACK - (4 Pack)


  • (4x) M2.5 26mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
  • (2x) M2.5 20mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
  • (4x) M3x11mm Shoulder bolt - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
  • (4x) 3x10mm Cone Washer - Aluminium - Black
  • (4x) M3 Press Nut - Stainless Steel
  • (1x) M3x6mm Cap - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
  • (12x) M2.5x8mm Button - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
  • (16x) M2x6mm Cap - Stainless Steel
  • (16x) M2x8mm Cap - Stainless Steel
  • (4x) M3x10mm Countersunk Screw - Stainless Steel
  • (4x) M3x16mm Countersunk Screw - Stainless Steel
  • (8x) M3x18mm Countersunk Screw - Stainless Steel
  • (8x) M2 Lock Nut - Stainless Steel
  • (4x) M3 Lock Nut - Stainless Steel
  • (4x) 1.8x1mm O-ring