Gaoneng GNB 14.8V 1350mAh 100C 4S Lipo Battery XT60

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GNB is well known for their high quality batteries. You can use it for racing, freestyle and even long range flying. GNB batteries don't sag under high throttle which is critical when you're racing or doing power loops. Whether you're looking for the perfect batteries for your micro quads or mini quads, GNB's got your back.

If you're flying a freestyle drone, the extra juice in this 1350mAh 4S is much needed.

Battery: Gaoneng GNB 14.8V 1350mAh 100C 4S
Capacity: 1350mAh
Size: 31x34x75mm
Plug: XT60 Plug
Continuous Discharge Rate: 100C 
Weight: 142.9g
Colors: Standard Colors
Package Includes:
1X Gaoneng GNB 14.8V 1350mAh 100C 4S Lipo Battery

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