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The latest KISS flight controller from  FETtec the G4 boasts the latest  STM32 G4 MCU for that advanced flight performance. 

They listened to the screams from kiss pilots and integrated a graphical OSD 👏🏿. 

The software switchable BECs 5V and 16V are perfect for powering equipment that needs extra juice from the flight controller

Cinelift pilots can now experience the smooth flight of kiss. The G4 has 8  Dshot2400 motor outputs!!

Team it up with the FETtec 4in1ESC!!  

Product information:

  • Latest STM32G4 processor

    • 170Mhz + Math accelerator

    • MPU6000

  • Designed for 6-27V supply voltage (2S-6S Lipo)

  • 2x onboard BEC (max. 600mA each)

    • 5V BEC for RX

    • 5V/16V BEC for VTX (configurable and real Pit*)

  • 2x 8 pin connector for solderless ESC connection

    • Connector 1: ESC signal 1-4, telemetry, VCC, GND

    • Connector 2: ESC signal 5-8 (depending on the selected UAV type 1-4), telemetry, VCC, GND

  • 1x 8 pin connector for solderless connection to VTX, camera and OSD of the digital systems

    • real Pit* VCC, GND, video in, video out, BEC 5V/16V, VCS/TX3, RX3

  • 2x 6 pin connector for serials

    • RX1, TX1, 3.3V, VCC, 5V, GND

    • RX3, VCS/TX3, RGB LED, VCC, 5V, GND

  • 1x 4 pin connector for receiver

    • Signal, TLM, 5V, GND

  • 5 UART serials

    • UART 1 free
    • UART 2 occupied by receiver
    • UART 3 free
    • UART 4 ​​occupied by OSD, can be used elsewhere depending on configuration
    • UART 5 occupied by ESCs / TLM / Onewire
  • 4 ESC solder pads (Signal/GND) on each corner

  • Buzz pads

  • 4 tiny RGB LEDs (color selectable)

  • Supported ESC protocols

    • PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Dshot150/300/600/1200/2400, FETtec Onewire

  • FETtec KISS firmware

  • Onboard OSD

    • Graphic OSD (STM32)
    • Full KISS tuning
      • Filters (PIDs, Rates, Settings)
      • LED settings (RGB LED, Racewire)
      • VTX
      • Live data graphics (voltage, engine speed, current, engine temperature, gyro values, reception quality)
      • KISS GPS support + Live Map
      • Custom graphic pilot logo
      • Stick Overlay
      • Custom layout
  • Connector type: JST-SH-1mm

Package Includes:

  • 1x FETtec FC G4
  • 1x open 8 pin cable (JST connector on one side)
  • 1x open 6 pin cable (JST connector on one side)
  • 1x open 4 pin cable (JST connector on one side)

FETtec FC G4 User Manual 

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