DALProp NEPAL N1 Freestyle Sweepback Prop No Prop Wash (2CW 2CCW)


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The Nepal N1 props not only look cool but also offer more power and a smoother flight, made with German Bayer PC also ensures that these props are durable .

  • Brand name: Dalprop
  • Item name: Nepal N1 
  • Material:  PC
  • Propeller diameter: 5.1inch
  • Size: 5143.5 
  • Pitch: 4.35
  • Hole diameter: 5mm  POPO
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Center thickness: 7mm
  • Recommended motor: 2205, 2206,2207,2305, 2306KV,  2500-2700KV 4S LIPO


  • 2x CW DAL Nepal 5.1x4.35x3 propeller
  • 2x CCW DAL Nepal 5.1x4.35x3 propeller 



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