Tattu R-Line 550mAh 3S 95C LiPo Battery (XT30)


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The Tattu R-Line 550mAh 3S1P 95C Lipo Batteries are known for their great performance and their ability to deliver power when needed while banging those sticks!! 

When you are looking to gain the best performance from your FPV Mini Quadcopter these are the Lipo battery packs you need. The size and weight of the

Tattu R-Line Lipo battery packs are a firm favorite for every drone application, whether its be racing, freestyle, cinematic or long range. 


- Capacity: 550mAh
- Voltage: 11.1V
- Max Continuous Discharge: 95C
- Max Burst Discharge: 190C
- Weight: 43g +-10g
- Dimensions: 63*18.5*21 mm +-5mm
- Balance Plug: JST-XH
- Discharge Plug: XT30