BetaFPV V2 Case & BEC for the GoPro 6 & 7


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BetaFPV has released V2 of their insanely popular Naked Camera case. This new case is now made with a new injection molding process and is easier to install onto your quad. Designed to be used with a GoPro HERO6/7. 

(This case and BEC board fit for GoPro HERO6 and GoPro HERO7 Black. Will NOT work with GoPro HERO8).

You can get one for the GoPro 8 here 


  • Item: Case V2 for Naked Camera
  • Weight: 6.57g
  • Output: 5V@2A
  • Voltage: 2-4S 

How to Assemble:

  • Step 1: Assemble the BEC board on the GoPro motherboard.
  • Step 2: Hold the camera lens and the camera board at the same time, be careful when you assemble the board on the case.
  • Step 3, 4: Screw the GoPro motherboard with the M1.4*5 and M1.4*8screws as shown below
  • Step 5: Install the light pipe as shown below.
  • Step 6: Install the back case, and screw the board with M1.4*8 screws as shown below.


  • 1 * BEC Board for Naked Camera
  • 1 * Case V2 for Naked Camera
  • 1 * GH1.25 Power Cable (90mm 30AWG)
  • 1 * Pack of Screws